The Last Goodbye

The thoughts accumulating in my mind, I wonder how to make full use of them. The world has changed. My life has lost a thing. Tonight, I say goodbye.

I say adieu to rivers of memories, historic locations, legendary moments of time. I will no longer view them in same attitude. I can no longer see them in the same light. The world is changed.

Over the hill and under the hill, and across the water….so the poem goes. But for me, it only ends. The hills are no longer mine, the water cannot be crossed. The world is changed.

Smoke from the tall chimney. One last time. The fire has been stoked. My hands are warmed by the heat. Here, one last time.

I must say goodbye to this land. The land of many births. Not the first birth, but endless ones that followed. The births of principles and ideas, of stories and music. This place was a place of genesis. The world, however, is changing.

What makes this farewell distinct from the average? Somewhere, somehow, the intensity of it all. It is only a house and extensive, uneven terrain, but it is more. It is a picture of my formation, it is an image of the seed of my heart. To strangers it goes, to foreigners to possess. Lost to me, but in memory. I will never taste again of the fruits of this place. The world, it changes.

It is a letting go, a releasing of control. A shift to accept. A part of life that hadn’t found me, until now. Now I must look to new hills, to new waters, to new places of memory. To find myself, to form myself.

To all that I knew and loved, at this place so fond….I say, I whisper, my last goodbye.



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