The Yielding

Far I go and far I see, the path that takes me wandering.

Far I travel where shadows lay

Where starlight dims, upon the way

Light and darkness, they shower forth

Finding my world, imposing control.

Understand it? Feel it? It matters not

Nothing will amend it, nothing will stop.

The Law I speak of, it cannot change

The best I can do, is follow my heart

Bend it, bind it, yield to the strong

The only option, to follow that song

Every day I lose some thing,

Day and day, a queen or king

Humbly I bear it, without a sound

Making me lost? No I am found.

I figure it is well, come what may

Life has some choices, but some things we can only obey

Understand it, feel it

But never give in

To that voice that tells us, to lash out in sin

No what we must do, what to begin

Find hope in the present

On the path resolved, the path of all men

To this life I will say,

I face you with victory

Bring all that you may.


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