Do not make me believe.

Nature tells us to break laws, to attempt the impossible. But then it gives us some laws that seemingly cannot be broken. Why is this so? Does the motion of advancing toward a far too distant goal create goodness? We think it only creates misery. Some think. Some try to make me believe.

But no, I have to believe that the insurmountable exists to be surmounted. We climb far, we fall far. But never farther. It only takes one hint of success to impart hope. One glimpse of what could be, to be desired for eternity.

A desire and a hope. Together, they make the laws of nature insignificant. The power that is in them, unpredictable and fierce. They rise and fall, but never die. They open the mind to make history. I will always cultivate these two powers. For by them, I live. I move.


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