A great man

1277724_629969293714074_5167146_oEver since I can remember I have been on the constant quest to find out what makes a great man. For ever since I can remember, I have wanted to attain that status. There are not many good men to be found. There are even fewer great ones.

Now I have known for a while what a good man consists of. A good man does his best to spread life and not death. He is decent and kind. He looks to be an example wherever he goes. He is compassionate and caring; seeking what is lovely and beautiful. He is not rude, or conniving. He knows who he is, and is good at what he does.

Good men are hard to find, indeed. But what of the great men? What is a great man? A great man is at a level above a good man. He uses all the qualities of a good man, but brings them to a higher significance through adept living.

Great men push themselves further, stretch their limits. They are natural born leaders and have a reputation of intelligence. They are always above average. They learn from everything, they are bearers of truth. They usually are experienced and wise. Obstacles and dilemmas bring them not an ounce of despair. But rather, they learn to embrace hardships with overcoming focus, knowing that the solution results in progress. They associate with the humble; they seek the counsel of others. Great men are recognized the second they walk into a room. We are aware of the confidence that is in them, the power behind their speech; even the strength of their gait.

So how does one become a great man? I am still searching for the answer. I am yet working toward that truth. I follow the path as best I can, and hope in finding key after key.

Now then I recently heard a speaker expound on what it is to be a great man. There in the sound I heard something pivotal.

..but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant.” (Matthew 20:26 NKJV)

This verse in fact describes the most important key to being great. This is becoming a servant to your fellow man. Giving out in works, words, and finances to remedy the needs around you whether you are in time of plenty or time of scarcity. It is really so simple. But something we must never forget. A great man, is a servant. A great man, makes that his main focus.

So today I look for ways to give, ways to love. I adopt the eyes of Jesus to find out the cravings of the individual. And every time I see an opportunity and take it, I am one step closer to becoming a great man.


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