The Universal Laws

Why can’t we be perfect? Why are humans limited? And what even are those limits exactly? I study here and there, and inside and outside, and near and far for knowledge about the effects and an answer to the cause of this observation.

I like to assign blame to every occurrence in this life. I like to figure out what is the root cause of those effects that I see manifested in the world. I like to think that if I can find out what the problem is, I can eliminate the problem. Or at least know what to avoid. This is a progressive practice. It is how I learn.

Unfortunately, many times the problem is more of a universal and unchangeable law than something transitory and fixable. Sometimes the problem is simply that we are human. In these cases, getting rid of the problem is grossly unattainable. For no matter how much we try, humans have never succeeded in filtering out our humanity.

When we do try to separate people from their humanity, we focus on one human flaw; we find its definition and distinction. Then we try developing a process to eradicate it from the system. But it has never been complete, and we have never fully succeeded. Indeed, the nature of humanity itself prevents its culmination. So then, it drives us to impasse.

When some undesirable consequence is recognized to be a direct result of our human inheritance, we will fall short of creating a totally effective solution. That is, other than ending humanity itself.

The best we can do is work toward the goal that is unachievable. Now there is no shame in this; an imperfect people striving for perfection. But the fact is that we will always be human, we will always make mistakes, and there will always be adverse events that we can only blame on this fact.

I call them the Universal Laws. That is, those rules that have found themselves never fully broken in the physical world. The principal pillars founded when time began that deal with the limits of human behaviour.

I cannot condemn them, for I cannot know what life would be without them. But I rebel at the subjection, and I am irritated by their effects. The best I have done is to coexist with them. I cannot destroy them, or even find a way around them; but they can destroy me, if I let. As a cage makes one go mad.

So what do we do? There is but one thing; only accept the Universal Law with meekness. Accept that humans are never 100% reliable, and that people will let us down. But pure acceptance means being content and calm when the effects of this law invade our personal lives, when they strike us to devastation.

When plans go awry, we must accept it, think quickly, move quickly, and work out a new course of action. Being aware of these laws yields the strength to accede to the unalterable.

Now there are yet other laws in the same category (dealing with human interaction and life development). Laws that also answer the question, ‘what limits the human race?’ But those I will expound on at another time.


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