Am I a peasant or a king?

We all see the world and ourselves in the world. Many things we think, a mindset we develop. To every man a decision comes. The choice to be a peasant or a king. Who do you say that you are? By your actions, by your words, by your self-respect?

A peasant man is lowly, his mind does not think of greater things. He is content with what is; he does not see beyond the current. He bows his head to others, he yields to the powers above. Which are everyone and everything besides his comrade peasant. He fights for nothing, gains nothing. He lives for nothing, desires nothing more than what he has. He is so used to following the rules he becomes mindless. His works are indifferent, his friends common. Nothing is wrong with the peasant man, he is fully functional. But not exceptionally bright, or exceptionally anything. He is running, but without a goal.

Do you know the path you take, or do you flit about capriciously?

Are you controlled by circumstances, or do you control their effects?

Are you bound, or are you free?

Do you follow, or do you lead?

Do you succumb, or do you resolve?

Are you timid, or are you confident?

Do you think, or do you know?

Are you better, or the same?

Are you normal, or are you essential?

Are you another face in the crowd, or do you stand out?

Do you survive, or do you aspire?

Do you move dung piles, or do you move mountains?

Do you expect average, or do you expect the best?

Are you poor, or are you rich?

Do you submit to pressures, or do you claim your rights?

Are you ignorant, or are you wise?

Are you tolerated, or are you desired?

Do you faint at the least sign of trouble, or do you fight for all you’re worth?

Do you let despair overtake you, or do you rise above it?

Do you follow wisdom, or do you follow the crowd?

Do you desire, or do you act?

Do you have opportunities, or do you take them?

Do you live lowly, or do you live nobly?

Are you a peasant, or are you a king?

A king sets himself apart. He is known for his action and passions. He has objectives and goals. He laughs at the storms, faces the enemy boldly, and despises the thief. He sees beyond himself, he works hard to be an example. He doesn’t waste time; he is generous. Most importantly, a king loves more than himself. A king has a higher cause for everything he does; he acts for reasons greater than his own. He acts with authority; he is never beaten because he never surrenders. All treat him well, and he treats all well. He finds honor because he knows how to honor. A king realizes who he is far deeper than anyone else does. He is solid. And determined.

Every day, in every circumstance we find ourselves in, we make a decision, we adopt a standard. Is the standard high or is it low? We are of what worth we make ourselves to be. So make yourself worthy by making yourself of worth. In your mind, in your heart. Based not on trivial accomplishments, but on faith.


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