Fires all around us

There is fire everywhere. No matter where we turn, no matter what we do. The fire of challenges, disappointments, distresses, and complications. We pass through fires as a matter of course; as a matter of life. Those fires define us, they give us leaps in our path. In consideration of the indelible nature of their presence, we must learn what to do with them. Or in them.

Now this is no special news. But what I would like to focus on is their purifying nature. Fire forces the decay and death of all but the essence. It burns that which is destructible. When the fire has come and passed, the truth of the heart remains. Through our challenges we see the light. When I look back at the fire, I see torment. But I also see development, progress. As we pass to the other side, our motives are strengthened or annihilated depending on their basis and composition.

Fires burn earthly matter, but it cannot affect the heart’s heavenly desire. Rather, the flames make them burn brighter and hotter.

The fire can be fierce. It can be deadly. But if we are honest, our passion will see us through.

Nothing is so wonderful than the effect following a fierce fire. Besides imparting a sense of achievement, we find ourselves revelling in our free nature. For in the burning, all that is perishable and unwanted passes away. All that is eternal remains.

To be melted by the fire means we have lost our hope. Our hope that it will cleanse us. Some fires are shortened, only reminders. But some fires will burn for years, constantly giving us the chance to let go. As long as we know they are delivering us from hellfire, why cease their burn?

Fire is forced upon us. But we can channel it; we can direct the outcome. Will we hold fast to the pillars of heaven’s truths? Or will we be consumed in defeat. Another choice, another knowledge. Grasp that which is eternal, if you can; and hold fast to what is your own. And never let go.


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