The human machine. Giving, working, moving. Assembled in two types; generating life and death. Wheels turn, heads spin, muscles strain. A surge of thrust, impetus strength.

Overbearing, overtaking, overcoming. 10830559_899806893396978_7520764978851385184_oFollowing two paths, treading on the rocky ground. Human flesh hiding human souls linked to human spirits. Some know, some learn, some see. Some differ, some digress, some devolve.

Become the man who understands the machine. Become the machine who understands himself. Teach the machine to obey its limits. Train yourself to be untamed. Limited yet limitless; standing free in surrender. Very  human, inescapably machine.

Unearth the Laws of man. Finding out the secret of the engine, of production, of cause and effect. To show, to know. To give, to love.


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