The World Will Shed

Sixteen times I watch the sky move. Sixteen times the world it changed.

It once was known; once was accepted and familiar. Now it turns to a different rhythm, plays to a different song.

The time we knew the world passes, morphs again.

Each time the transformation shakes beliefs, and every desire shifts.

For how can we remain the same when the world does not?

Jumping now, into the world. Opening the multi-colored doors, and finding each room refreshed.

The same Laws, the same unshakeables, but the exterior is dissolved. Formed something novel; started something new.

Fuller and deeper, every time. My reaching becomes reality; perspective attains truth.

I let the revolution happen, fighting not. Growing ever. Filling the gaps.

This world will turn to that world. And my world will move to suit.

As your world sheds its skin, and births another version, will you fight it, fear it, or face it with anticipation and with verve?

We must lose one world to gain another. It is the shedding of skin.


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