Building Castles

Our mind is a castle. Built layer upon layer, wall connecting wall, towers high and doors hinged. Our thoughts lie in piles inside, or form constructs immobile and strong. What we know is what we have built. We define our world.

Places we cannot go, for barricades halt the way. Things we cannot see, for towers impede our sight. We build and tear down, making beauty out of messes and messes out of beauty. There is always work to be done and work to be seen.

Let us build our minds then in the absence of fear, making monuments and defence by the power of our will and our God. Every belief structure created out of knowledge and wisdom. Let others build as well upon our minds; if they are worthy.

All minds can be remade. Indeed, it is vital to repair the damage done by fire and sword. This may require a breaking through walls to demolish. To rebuild superior.

A castle is built for defence. So our minds must be developed in strength.

The mind also must be formed around truth. And as our knowledge of truth increases, our structures change shape and substance.

Let the pillars of our mind be based on the truths we know. And shift according to the truth that we will never know every truth.

For truth is sure, but its form is constantly being discovered.

Our minds then, let them be strong, yet malleable; immovable, yet persuadable; our models sure, yet open to be affected by new thought.


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