Under The Water

The world is distant, as reality is defied entrance to the conscious mind.

Sight is blinded, sound is muffled.  The thundering roar envelopes my thought.

Separated from all, all becomes clear.

I chase down those cursory epiphanies. Wanderings become purposes, and purposes become paths.

Here, under the water, I no longer have physical being.

I am consciousness only, I am free.

Feeling nothing, I feel everything.

Pure deafening of the body allows for perfect hearing in the mind.

What do I hear?

The voices of this world cast shadows that belie reality.

But the flood’s overwhelming revolutions block out the peripheral.

So now I focus.

What am I doing? What do I seek? What is real?

Much are shades and visions.

In my mind I see, in this state I have assumed.

All will depart. All will fade into bits of silver glass upon a silver sea.

This body, this life, the cares of tomorrow and remorse of yesteryear

The indomitable oven of Time will burn my fragmented propensities to ruin.

But there is truth as well. I see it now, above the sea, the sun that rises in a warm, orange and red aberration.

The sky is clear and wisps of reality dance upon the waves of my meditations.

I dismiss the shades, reject the circuitous trails, and rather set my eyes upon the sky, the sun, and the future above the glassy sea.

Alone I move on.

I have found deep contentment in the wellspring of my soul.

I have left behind the excesses, and filled the cavities of my world.

In the water grave they were uncovered. In the water grave they remain to float into oblivion.

Surely new I emerge, surely unsullied and strong.

Baptism of fire toughens the body; baptism in water delivers the mind.

Do not fear the silence. Do not fear the deep pool of thought.

This submersion releases peace and subjects irrationality.

Under the water we find ourselves. Under the water we stop insanity.

And we rise reborn.


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