What We Do

Open the book. Play the music. Write the story. See the beauty. Eat of freshness. Fall in love. Smell the flower. Follow the path. Miss the sons of men. Say goodbye. Gaze at the stars. Adorn the dinner table. Pass by the rolling hills of green. Paddle in the midst of the rushing river. Light the fires of freedom. Win the hearts of many. Forgive the enemy. Humble your soul. Discipline your flesh. Excite your mind. Drink of the clear, cool stream. Climb the royal mountain. Visit the ancient cities. Build the broken castles. Awaken passion. Lead the hopeless. Solve the puzzle. Pierce through the labyrinth. Sail the sea. Face the wind. Fear not man, or wild beast. Knock on oaken doors. Run through the wild wood. Walk on the sandy shore. Inhabit the exotic. Pursue new adventure. Feel the rain. Hear the thunder. Touch the mirror. Behold the masterpiece. Color the world.

All these draw pictures in the mind. They are pictures of excellence and good health. What will we do to make them a reality, to make them tangible? How far will you go to live in the true abundance of life? For life can be indeed astounding.


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