The Progression

FullSizeRenderIf you had the chance to change the world, would you? Would you do the work, would you make the commitment?

When we have the vision to see, we walk forward expectant and eager. However eyes are not opened by complacency. They are opened by the call of another.

“Come and see”.

Now the vision expands as we adopt the notion to consider. See this. Consider this.

Passion births from imagination. And out of consideration, we imagine this.

The next step is the hardest.

Do this.

The efficacy to operate in this area is limited by belief. The more completely you believe, however, the more outstanding you will work. It is simple.

But what can produce belief? It arrives forth from an experience and a hope.

Now see this. Consider this. Imagine this. Do this. And change the world.

And what is “this”?

You will know it when you see it, when someone or something else calls you by name.

Follow that call.

FullSizeRender (1)


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