The Great War

We do not see the world as we ought, in light of the unseen, yet tangible, clashing of good and evil. There is a battle here now, a war that is waged; it is all to take control of the minds of men.

I saw a fear-filled man, wrapped and chained, seeking empowerment. I saw a steady man, who knew himself and walked free, become disillusioned. And I saw a humble man, who had worked for his freedom, make a difference in the war.

The first man needed a revelation and wise counsel. He needed to be presented with a choice. The second man lacked a higher call, the call to war. He wallowed in self-contentment, while disregarding the very lives of his brethren. But the third man experienced a kind of purpose driven life that the others lacked. He saw the battle, and he did his part. Not just helping others, but fighting for them, living for them.

Jesus knew the battle. Paul knew the battle. And when they saw it, they were overcome with a passion to engage on the side of Good. The enemy is ravaging the land, the minds, the lives all around. You see them fall on the right and on the left, the people crumpling under pressure. They are surrounded by a crowd, but they die alone.

Will you blind yourself to this war? Will you concern yourself more with what that man or woman thinks of you than the arrows piercing a soul right next to you? Will you let Netflix distract you from training in the art of war? The battle for the minds of men must take precedence over self-seeking relationships and addictive TV shows.

You are saved, not for yourself, but others. You are set free, not for yourself, but to lead others to freedom. Healed people heal people. You were saved not only by Love, but for Love. And the nature of Love is to fight for the freedom of all.


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