More on War

I steadied my mental hand. Companion to knowledge are inseparable, and sometimes tumultuously patterned, queries. What is known is what is decided upon. The decision resting on the heart—- to do what is instinctive or to do what is conscious commanded.

As I gazed into my experience, in which reality flashed me revelation and knowledge, I considered the effects in my heart and investigated the essence of the portion affected. I was humbled, yet again, by what I saw…


The night of life, in all its depressive glory, was shown to me. In my closed room, filled with the bright of day, I felt discouragement. Upon my eyes encroached the doom of the dark. Somehow, somewhere, it came, and I could not escape.

That is, what is twisted and truculent was told to me, and adulterated my sight. But perhaps the acknowledgment of atrocity was not the decision. Rather the properties I would allow such an admission to produce inside myself.

To ignore the existence of deep darkness would be foolish, but to give authority to it would be fatal. The un-Good cast its shadow upon my mind. Even immersed in light, a second reality forced its way to my heart. The strike was not unfamiliar. But I saw another, higher, reality:


A fear took me before. That all I would see is black, that all that would be was black. Indeed, moments there were that this inhabited serious consideration inside my mind. The dark is strong, and its strength is deceiving. Its very nature is devastation, and by devastation preys upon those who walk in the light.

But we who are convinced of the light are not given to devastation. It would be opposite to our adopted nature.

When the dark manifests in all that is un-Godliness, and reveals itself in all that is un-Good, hope always will rise stronger. I may despair for a moment, but I do not ever let it take hold.

Goodness is always out there, and it will never die. Seeing this higher reality then, I cannot accept the defeat of Good. In fact, I am obliged to fight for Good. In this way I am reconciled to my convictions.

For this is my hope, that all is not darkness. And this is my call, that I bring more light.

I think this quote makes it plain…
“There is still some good in this world. And it’s worth fighting for…” – Sam Gamgee


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