We are told to pause and wonder. Breathe, relax, enjoy. This is good. This is well. But how often in our world of unctuous relationships and superficial glory do we pause without regret, to consider the reality of the hidden and secret?

Even a moment of being unchained reawakens the desire and ache for a more tangible reality. It is a breathe of fresh, invisible air. It is easy to be entrapped, ensnared by the networks in the wind (where our perspective of reality becomes distorted and empty).

Our lives become built on words and suppositions and fantasy instead of good deeds and purpose and knowledge.

The thought train.

The result is distance. From reality, from men, from aspiration.

Distance equals rate multiplied by time. Your disconnect equals the speed of your plunge multiplied by the time you devote to any unworthy pursuit.

The remedy is to quit and forsake the sham for pureness of emotion. Take what is inexplicably satisfying. Grasp what fills the heart and soul, not just the imagination. The world is full of capricious thought. That is not what you want.

Be reminded then. Life’s quality, value, and worth are hollow when received from hollow entities (especially intangibles). Therefore let us only run after that which carries depth, awakens passion, and demonstrates beauty.

Pause, question, adjust.


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