Life Lessons: Part 1

A little story about  myself…

A journey I have taken, over the latest months, propelled in the latest weeks. My mind went through fears, through discouragement and undulations of hope. It may not be over, in fact. But do any of our journeys ever really reach an end? We’ll see. Time reveals. This is what time, and thought and impartation, has revealed to me…

We are deceived by sins. I was deceived by selfishness. They promise us fulfillment, they promise us completeness. It promised me success. But no matter the degree of our trust in the way that is fallen, it will let us down. And I tell you the truth, it is a steep plunge of despair.


“But I thought, but they told me…”  But no. If it seemed logical, it doesn’t matter. If it seemed well-advised, it doesn’t matter. If itseemed proper, it doesn’t matter. That which lies will undoubtedly do its best. You cannot trust it. We cannot follow it. I can listen to it no longer. That is, all that is in the category of un-Godliness.

I looked up the synonyms of “sin”, and found this: crime, deficiency, disobedience, error, evil-doing, imperfection, misdeed, shortcoming, ungodliness, wrong

If then this is what sin is likened to, we must not believe its avowal of anything else. The facade that is flaunted can be convincing, but it cannot be what it is not. And it cannot give something it is incapable of giving. An effect is birthed and produced by its cause. And an effect is of the same character of its cause. Or, if you will, “a good tree produces good fruit, a bad tree, bad fruit”. This is a Universal Law.

I was pulled out of this delusion by truth. Not drastically, but by evolution. You come to find that something is wrong, something is missing from your calculations. It is the reward that has been falsified. Sin has a reward, and it is not the grandiose ascendency it wants you to believe.

The illusion is doubted once the latent lie, and therefore inherent problem, is perceived.

So truth is found among the friends of truth. I told you that the deception was peeled off in degrees. My own experience proved that it is the seekers and lovers of truth who are the ones to help remove the layers. The more I listened to the disciples of truth, the more untenable the nature of the lie became. It was kindred to them shining their lights in my own darkness, 12067323_1026430837401249_638039074_nand me seeing the collapse of my own dark theories. Stay near those lovers of the light. They keep one from growing lost.

All this to say, I was lost, and I thought I was found. I was lied to, and I believed the lie. Now, though, I can see again.

For you then, Reader, I care to remind you, stay near the friends of truth. And make truth your fondest companion. Selfishness and sin DO NOT produce success.


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