Can I compare you to a bridge?

I like to put perfect reality into imperfect analogies. It helps me see life from a different angle.

Humans are like bridges, really. They take things, ideas, or other people from one place to another. Much rides upon you, truly. You are the bridge that allows for one thing to access another. Time and space are in your power.

Photo Oct 24, 13 03 23

Men and women move in the world as vibrating atoms, bouncing from one thing to another, seeking to move upward, ascending to their desired state. They relocate and shift using bridges of their own or another’s construction. We are all alike in this way.

To be sure, you are not the only bridge to a place. But you may be the best one, the most comfortable and solid and reliable. That is, if you so choose.

So where are you sending the others? What direction are you moving people toward. And are you building upon yourself, securing your weaknesses, that you may ensure the safe passage of those who trust your assistance.

These thoughts you must ponder, these things you must understand. For humanity needs you to build bridges, even to BE the bridge. To lead them to all good things.


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