The Rise of Un-Creation

False teachers. Fear mongers. Fellow thinkers. Future schemers. Canst thou stand corrected? Or are we in lack of correctors.

Those who converse, those who conclude, those who conduce; people desire to bring a catalyst to the table, but do they conceive themselves? There is lack of inception.


“Why” he says. “Why because unadulterated inception is hard work!”

But we look down on those who have nothing to give, who have nothing to offer our narcissistic souls.

Thunders rumble inside my head. What is the answer? For I have been exposed to this disease of mind as well.

The un-creation is an epidemic.

The answer must be inspired, and the solution must be taught.

Rise forth and live creatively! Pour out ideas and dreams!

And deny the complacency, the settled way.

Pioneer greatness.


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