Peace and Joy

Today is December the 1st.

I sit at my desk and think. Next to me burns a candle scented as “campfire smoke”. I eat gummy worms because the act of chewing helps me focus. It is dark outside, it is night. And winter is come as well as the cold.

Photo Oct 22, 15 10 08 (1)

There is much that can be said about the world. However, on this day, at this time, I have a special feeling. My favorite Christmas song, “O Come, O Come Emanuel” plays on the speakers of my computer. That holiday is fast becoming near. All is calm in my world. Music created caresses my mind. Memory warms my heart. I believe the words of the next song “O Holy Night”.

I believe hearts are especially open during this season. And people more tender. I think in the midst of all the turmoil on the earth, we can be reminded to have joy. There are still smiles that cheer you, presents that bless you, and family and friends that are with you.

I was recently challenged to motivate myself and act regardless of the level of inspiration present. I am keen on this idea. I am keen to be and move, no matter the distraction.

Enough of my rambling, of my ambiguous thoughts. Here is a directive, Reader.

I challenge you, and hope that you, in this season when days pass like minutes and incessant activity is close to necessary, that you would not forget to smile.

Greet those who you pass, and others who whisk on by. Look out for your fellow man. Spread good news. Make others feel significant and loved.

And do not forget to hold onto peace, Reader. Peace and joy go together.

That is all, I think. For now.


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