Fantasy and Myth

I look around me as the events of life unfold.

Time, which encapsulates all I see, swirls swiftly.

I realize that I sometimes miss the adventure.

I realize that I sometimes do not see.

All the world around searches for epic motion, for unfathomably blissful events.

We work hard to create, capture, and collect “transcendent” moments.

What we do not do is truly savor these junctures.

But there is a mindset I have found, though have not always adopted, that brings the best perspective.

Think about the events of today. Think of them as fiction. Think of them as a story, your story.

If the events of today were to be written, would we read them as novel?

If you are moving, most anything may be viewed in an exciting light.

If you are doing, almost all may be considered adventurous.

The events of your day may be uninteresting, but imagine them given to a storybook character. Would they be so common then?

Have a bit of fun with life, Reader.

And rest enough to savor the day to day.

The world is a better place with a spark of myth to lighten the mood.

Indulging in thoughts of princesses and dragons may be the key to a happy heart.

So until next time…

Delight in the real world. By injecting it with a little fantasy.


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