Do you know?

Do you ever consider what motivates you? Do you ever think about what gets you up in the morning, or drives you to succeed, or gives you life?

It can be scary, to be honest. What if you don’t have a good answer, or would if the answer is hollow or “unsuitable”?

But some real motivation comes when we are reminded of what motivates us.

The exact nature of your motivation actually matters less than your awareness of its existence.

Dale Carnegie, a well-known and renowned author, mentions that “any medium carrying a message that lacks meaning will fall short of its intention”.

Most everyone has motivation, but not everyone knows what it is. So we do life, but life has no meaning.

Logically, though, to move forward, we must have a force driving us, an energy source. It helps to know where to find it, that we may pull from it when we are threatened. So find the energy, then direct it. In this way, you will accomplish much.

Photo by @salembellahphotography


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