Time Management

Can we choose what time it is?

Sometimes I think so. Other times I am not so sure. I think it is an odd question, that. Really it is unique altogether.

What I mean is, “Can we determine when it is time for some thing or purpose and when it is not?”

Well then. Typically there are limits placed on us by social influences and people schedules and laws of process. But sometimes I think we can determine what time it is; whether it is time for something to happen or for us to change. Time is a mystery to human kind. But we can affect the time that effects us.

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You see, I believe the answer to the question “When”, irrespective of the subject under scrutiny, can be very much affected by what we think and do. If you think “when” should be sooner and act in accord with this belief, it tends to transpire thus. On the other hand, if you think not at all about “when” and neither do you adopt actions that affect it, the “when” will come to pass on its own terms or perhaps not at all.

I think we are subject to the terms and conditions of time, but there are general arrangements that can be made to alter the time-human relationship. It is up to us to take initiative on our own behalf if we want to influence our freedom of alteration.

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Man cannot subdue or conquer time, but we may be able to manage it. And that sometimes includes choosing what time it is, choosing “when” it is time.

In closing, accompanied by all the redundancy that goes along with it, I’ll beg to ask you, “Reader, what time is it?”



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