The Puzzle

I have found a didactic similarity between the action of puzzle solving, and the answering of life’s enigmas. Besides creating a picture of what is deemed a reality, the resolving of a puzzle has many stages. I mean to go over the effects and certain maximizations of those stages here. Because in the same way, there are methods for unscrambling the mysteries of thought that catalyze true and honest solutions.


The Puzzle

At the first, as we begin, the pieces are scattered before us, amassed in a pile completely without form, void of reasoned patterns. That is how we are born into the world.

The initial step is to turn all the pieces face up, showing the picture printed on the pieces. As we observe the world and it is shown to us, we begin to make a little sense of it. We realize that the world has color and picture.

Typically then, the second thing that is undergone is the search for the corners and edges. These symbolize the aspects of life that are handed to us. Essentially, what our early influencers impart to our young minds about the way life works. We are basically told where they go, giving us the building blocks of worldview and belief.

The next step in the progression is where many people start to go wrong. This is the intensive studying of the original, or real, picture. The reason for this step is so one can know what the end result should look like, and find where the pieces are meant to go. This takes place usually in the years from childhood all the way to entering into young adulthood. This is not the time to be hasty. For you will find the solution quicker with a deeper understanding of the Master Picture.

During this time, the reality of the Master Picture may come into question. One may be asked, “Is that picture really what life is meant to look like? Or did you or someone else conjure it up…” This is a crucial period in the forming of one’s life, and the solving of the puzzle. The sooner one believes in the Master Picture’s not only existence, but its nature as the rightful template, the sooner one can move forward with the putting of pieces together.

Once the puzzle solver has irrefutably made the decision to believe in the Master Picture, in order for them to then be effective, they must then engage in a search for that which is rationally sound. Pieces will come together faster if certain ones are disregarded and others are given more attention. As the Master Picture is studied, the puzzle proceeds to develop in an increasingly understandable and logical manner. In other words, life begins to make cogent sense. A common occurrence is to disregard study or care about the Master Picture at all. The lives of these people undoubtedly remain tenuous.



One thing to remember during this lifelong process is to not waste time looking for one piece when you can find ten in the same time by saving it for later. If a piece doesn’t fit into your current picture, wait for the picture to evolve by continuing on, then later you will be able to entertain it with a new perspective. As C.S Lewis once said, “It is a very silly idea that you must never skip. All sensible people skip freely when they come to a chapter when they find it is going to be of no use to them.”

  • Not everything is at it seems – Some pieces will look as if they fit, but you find out later that they are grossly misaligned. Do not be distraught at this time. Simply take out the piece and put it in its proper place.
  • It is important to build up your picture from multiple places and angles – Do not be so focused on one area that you lose sight of the picture as a whole. The key is to focus, then inspect. And again focus, then inspect.
  • Many times you will try to fit a piece into the picture while already knowing it won’t work – Mentally, it is unsound, but the mind is a strange place and sometimes would rather try and fail rather than never try at all. Only be aware of this fact and do not waste time brooding over failures, but learn what you can and carry on.
  • Don’t waste time guessing – This is important if you want to advance any faster than at a snail’s pace. If a piece doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. Look for the things that match, those that make sense. And rely on your Master Picture for clarification.
  • Beware of the troublemakers who will try to rip your picture apart – There are those that enjoy destroying more than creating, especially destroying other people’s pictures. Ward them off or they will confuse and distract you as well as tear apart any progress you have made.
  • When you are on the search for something specific, whichever piece that is, you will undoubtedly find it – It may be long in coming, but the scanning of the pieces spread before you will reveal the true piece. When the mind is focused on finding what is missing, it never fails to find it.




You were meant to be complete. You have a unique picture that is being formed. May you keep in mind what model you are going off of, and how you are being shaped. The process of your development has the capacity of becoming more efficient and effective the more aware you are. Be cognizant of the reality of the Master Picture and seek to emulate it.


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