Wide Eyes

Eyes wide opened, making passes

His body twirled round and round in amazement.

How could he put it into words?

This beauty was unadulterated.

He did more than just see, he felt the presence

Something was here.

Here where the sand rested among the mountains, and the grass grew in clumps of green.

Here where the river washed over the tiny, brown crystals.

This place washed everything away,

All except the presence.


The sun now cast its light on the peaks, the day was breaking forth

The presence grew even stronger.

His shoes were tossed aside as he ran free through the dunes,

The stillness, the intense beauty, the music in his ear

They all affected him severely.

What was the manifestation he sensed?





It reminded him of something lost being found again,

Something sweet and wholesome.

This was the time to stop doing anything at all and simply be.

All else aside, left for the culmination of excellence before him.


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