The Power of 2nd Thought

First thoughts are lovely. They are novel, a fresh breeze for the mind. But they can also be egregiously wrong, and invoke a fatal perspective. The thing that keeps the first thought in line with reality and controlled by flow of reason is 2nd thought.

2nd thoughts have the power not just to prevent mistakes, but can deliver increased motivation and inspire better decision making.

Our first thought is our first impression, our first interpretation, our first consideration. It is what inspires action, whether that be in the form of internal change or external delivery. First thoughts open up our minds to some new knowledge.

But there is a discrete and functional difference between first thought and 2nd thought. Our first thoughts are characterized by decision making based on surface principles. A surface principle is that which has been moving predominately in the mind of late, the things you have been thinking about in the last few days or weeks that have been defining how you operate and make decisions.


Our first thoughts are reactive in nature. Your decisions that extend from a first thought go through the sole filter of your surface principles. The reaction then is of a surface nature, and leads to superficial problem solving and arbitrary outcomes. What you’re missing is the filtering through the more entrenched principles that lie close to your heart. These are accessed only by operating out of 2nd thought.

2nd thoughts are responsive in nature. Decisions stemming from 2nd thoughts take into consideration your deeply rooted, foundational persuasions which may have escaped your existing cognition. 2nd thoughts burgeon off the product of first thoughts to produce higher quality results.

When a decision passes through both filters, the surface and foundational principles, the outcome has exponential benefits. This is because the deliberation process encompasses the ideas and perspective of your recent estimations, yet includes the aged deductions that are the result of previous experiences.

Powerful decisions and quality responses are the fruit of making room for the 2nd thought. When we dig deep to consider those fundamental principles which may not be at the forefront of our mind, and are therefore missing from our first thought, we arrive at conclusions that better fit our true volition.

It is never too late for a 2nd thought, and it is never unnecessary. Allow the power of 2nd thought revolutionize your life.

Be encouraged today to think through decisions, and allow time for your quintessential principles to be realized that they may positively affect your future. Stop for a moment, and recollect what you truly care about and what is vitally important to you. And please don’t fear to announce, to yourself or to others, the words,

“On 2nd thought…”

Because it’s your 2nd thought that keeps you true to yourself.




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