Take the Time to Look Around You

We have such tunnel vision until we are thrown into a new place. It seems we only expand our minds when we are pushed.

I drive swiftly to work. It is the same route it’s been for years. I step out of my familiar car and exit the parking garage. On my way inside, I mentally prepare for the workday. During my drive, it occurred to me that I experienced the exact same transit and operation as the previous day…and the day before that. In fact, all week my travels have been one and the same.

The realization itself was not astounding. However, I connected the recurrent theme with something a friend told me long ago.

“We have such tunnel vision. I go the same route every day and see the same things. Yet just around the corner, something new could be lurking. I don’t even know what’s beyond the next street. I never take the time to look. It could be wonderful, but will I ever make the time to discover it?”

This episode is common. How often do we use curiosity to inspire discovery? We go to the same places, visit the same streets, shop at the same stores, meet the same people, and wear the same type of clothes. Day after day, week after week. But how often do we wake up to understand our loss?

Doing the same old thing will yield the same old results.

Do you want to advance? Make progress in your life? Then move past your habits and bring a little more curiosity in your life. This is the key to an important broadening of the mind. And it yields astonishing advancements.

The secret is to not hold back. Go on excursions. Act on curiosity. Move past your walls. Look outside the tunnel. I challenge you.

What is just beyond you that you cannot see? Why not find out? Why not.


One thought on “Take the Time to Look Around You

  1. Wow that was really good and timely Ben, thank you! My current job and housing come to an end in a week and after so many transitions over these last few years I’m tired of it and long for something a bit firmilier and routine. I have lost some of the adventurous spirit I used to carry with me into everything. Due to the constant change, stress and unfirmilier I’ve allowed it to steal some of my joy of adventure and discovery. I allowed myself to get more wrapped up in what I would desire life to look more like that the current adventures I was facing. Anyway I was very encouraged by your words this morning! Thanks!


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