On How to Rest in Your Reality

A complete absence of reality is imitation. And where there is nothing real, there is nothing deep. This presents limitations.

But the presence of reality can be disturbing. And so many times a superficial representative is acknowledged instead. This is a mistake.

The strength of reality is that you cannot be fooled. However, the downside for many is its lack of color. This is a misunderstanding.

Reality is what gives features of significance to life. It is filled with meaning. And it doesn’t discriminate or cheat us of wealth.

By accepting what reality brings, we welcome true potential. But denial works to our disadvantage. It increases the risk of failure through distraction.

The travesty of the counterfeit is the implosive nature of its system. Without reality as a guide, all would be this way.

You might want to escape reality. Yet the best course is to rest in it. Better to have something real to change than a facade to manipulate.

Reality can be changed, but it should not be condemned. Peace is tightly affected by what is real. Rest is found only by letting go.

Instead of conjuring, acknowledge. Instead of cajoling, adjust.

What reality have you been avoiding?


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