On How To Pursue Your Best

This year I’ve decided to focus on developing the concept of being your best. That means cultivating the habits and practices that lead to the ideal state of being. I’m all about the ideal solution when it comes to operations. And I think there can be an ideal state when it relates to being.

People vacillate between their best and their worst as life is lived. And most of us never take the time to observe and learn from the cause and effect of these states. However, my purpose is to bring to light many of the tendencies and circumstances surrounding your best state. Because if you can, why not be at your best all the time?

Even if you can’t imagine being at your best 24/7 my hope is in the next year to point out several ways you might at least improve. This is a magnificent aspiration for me as well.

I know what you’re thinking. Being at my best all the time is going to take all my time and energy. I don’t know if it’s worth it. Well, here’s my theory. Just like learning anything, it’s going to be hard at first, and you will be forced to engage with it. But as time goes on and your habits change to facilitate your best behavior and best work, it will start to come naturally. This is my speculation, and I’m going to test it out.

Looking forward to future blogs about how to maximize your days here on this earth, and be at your best for more of them.


You’re at your best when… you know who you are.


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