Pushing Through

I was tired. Well pooped, really. To be expressive. It had been a long day, but it was not in the least a bad day. In fact, it was filled with adventure and travel. But I was utterly exhausted. I was with my group riding the subway back to where we were staying. No one was saying much. We were mostly staring through the window on the opposite side of the train, watching the city lights flash by. There was a homeless man making a disturbance on a different part of the train. But I paid him no mind, too tired to see what was going on. However, I glanced over to make sure my company was okay.

To be honest, I did not give my fellow travelers much thought. I zoned out of all responsibility or care. I turned back to the window. But the moment I did, I realized something. Regardless of how tired I was, this was not the time to be shirking.

When you’re at your best, you never shirk your responsibility to protect.

But you will not always feel like putting the time and energy into being your best.


There are certain things in our world that make us feel shoddy. And there will always be opportunities to excuse yourself from the work associated with being at your best. Any time you experience tiredness, irritability, laziness, or lack of motivation, be on your guard. For it is these that will work to bring you down. They will not only lower your productivity but the quality of your work and presence.

The only way to push through to the other side of your experience with these negatives, while maintaining the state of being at your best, is through character and discipline. This means using the character you have to understand that feeling shoddy isn’t what you want. And the discipline to make the effort to pull yourself out of your negative state.

Don’t let how you feel determine whether you are doing your best. Choose your own state of being.


The reason why it’s important to remain in constant readiness to assist is because health majorly determines one’s output. If you are in a state of mental good shape, you will output your best. And if your neighbor is in good shape, they will also output their best. I talked about caring for the interests of others in my last post You’re At Your Best When You’re Looking Out for the Interests of Others.  I described how it is vitally important for us to  give of ourselves for the benefit of others.

If we want to be at our best at all times, we won’t settle for just maintaining our own health. We will refuse to shirk from the duty of helping others stay in good health as well.

How do you stay strong to be at your best when you are tired, irritable, lazy, or unmotivated? What do you do to ensure the good health of others? How do you push through? I say, it starts with a mental decision to be selfless.

Please comment with any insight.

Next week I’m going to be talking about the Circle of Safety. Not only our personal need for it in our community but the reason why we should ensure it for others.


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