An Excerpt in the Life of Man

The human was quietly seated there on the space black, metal bench. Thinking about his life and the world. Mostly he was curious about the expanse of time and his momentary presence inside the Time Box. What would his life mean at the end? Where would the other’s thoughts turn to?

He stared into the inexistent distance. Really, his vision was stopped at a small tree. There the birds flew in and out, making noises in the air with their beating wings. The wind made the leaves on the treetop sigh. Commerce was heard in the street nearby. Traffic made its way thither and yon. But the man paid no mind. He was focused. Or rather, complacent to the blur of sounds and motion around him. Only the tree and the dark-feathered birds caught his attention.

He wished he’d meant to be there. That all was in place. And that he had control over it all. But what he could not anticipate was the sullenness of occupied time. That is, there was nothing to be confident about when it came to the proposal of motion. That was it. And he knew it at least.

The birds continued to dart in and out of the young oak with a tenacity that was oddly auspicious. The man himself was well aware of his own uninterested interest in the birds. He moved his brown-shoed foot from across his knee down onto the brick walk underneath him. This position had been adopted and retracted several times. “Oh boy,” he thought. “I must stand up soon, my legs keep falling asleep.”

It was more than likely this tiny, innocuous thought that broke him out of his reverie. “I suppose I am what I am,” he said. “The only thing to do is find out who that is.”

The man stood up, stretched his leg. And walked toward home.


Quirky Man

        A small man in bright blue trousers, a white sweater, and black, open-toed sandals strolled gleefully down the leaf strewn sidewalk. His partially bald head stood out sharply to those walking behind him.

         Despite his animated gait, the other pedestrians had to restrain their pace in order to not run into the short man. His stubby legs sedated his progress, but he did not mind in the least the hurrying people push past him. In fact, he now stopped suddenly to observe a ladybug creeping along the pronounced curb.

        This action caused a large, flustered woman to nearly topple over and slam the poor man onto the uncomfortable concrete. Fortunately, there was another man behind her who was able to hold her over-sized form upright.

         Both the strangers gave the petite man dirty looks as they continued on by, but the interested fellow noticed not at all. He continued staring at the insect until it took flight a few moments later. “Hm, that was an interesting sight,” the man thought. “A ladybug in November!” 

         He stood upright and continued onward, pushing his round spectacles back in place.