On The Last Night

A thousand drops upon the deck,

Patter pattering as they hit

Then rolling down as they trek,

To the drain, to the funnels, to the sea

The lights would reflect the wet of rain,

The lamps are bright against a dark sky,

A dreary wind howls forth,

Causing the ship to creak and sigh.

This night it lasts forever,

The last night for us is plain.

Our journey ends with us together,

But it finished quickly all the same.


Some. Times.

Sometimes it is the figure in the mind that portrays indolence and not the item under consideration itself.

Sometimes we replicate what we see by how we feel.

Sometimes humans and money are like figures which disappoint.

Sometimes what we create has little absolute value.

Sometimes when they tell you not to be content, they’re wrong.

Sometimes you have to put your trust in another in a way you would rather not.

Sometimes you have to say no to say yes.

Sometimes you can achieve more through thoughtfulness than grand action.

Sometimes what you see is all there is.

Sometimes you can’t see very well.

Sometimes an objection can be the key to mental freedom.

Sometimes being careful hurts more than taking a risk.

Sometimes learning is hard.

Sometimes expectations result in disappointments.

Sometimes life is like war.

Sometimes it’s a dream.

Sometimes it takes ugly to produce beauty.

Sometimes it all comes together.

Sometimes waiting is the best thing to do.

Sometimes there is a place you would rather be, but sometimes it’s not what you imagined.

Sometimes an epiphany makes all the difference.


Some. Times. This is life.